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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: On show cause order over surge of customer complaints on water bills

We take all our customers’ concerns seriously and have always strived to respond and resolve these above and beyond regulatory standards. Based on data gathered from June 1 to July 27, 2020, out of our (1) million customers, only 7% or 73,588 sought clarification on their billing.?Of these, 90% were resolved by the call center or by business area frontliners. Only 0.7% of customers, or 7,937, have cases that were endorsed for further handling and of these, 6,246 were verified to have been billed based on actual consumption of customers. There are 379 cases wherein the spike in billing was caused by undetected underground leak in the customers’ plumbing system while only 57 customers had their bills adjusted.

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Be #WaterWais!

Let us all work together in sustaining our precious water resource. Share and spread the word!

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East Zone Service Area Map

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Bill Information

Find out everything you need to know about your water bill and how to compute your bill's total charges.

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Payment Facilities

Pay your bills through any of Manila Water's payment channels. Click the button below to find out more.

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